I decided that the Cuisipro Fine Rasp Grater with Surface Glide Technology would be the first discovery that I share with you, because I’ve had this kitchen gadget for about a year now, and I love it!  I think everyone who loves to bake or cook would love this too!

The three most important things that make a great grater/zester is:

1) Safety: you need to keep your skin intact while using it!

2) Quality Results: Obviously, the reason you’d spend money on kitchen gadgets is because of the potential to make better food!

3) Ease of Use: All kitchen gadgets must be easy to use and easy to clean. I mean, the whole point of having gadgets is that they’re supposed to make your life easier, right?

I think that this Cuisipro Surface Glide Technology Fine Rasp Grater fits all of these criteria, which makes it a great discovery worthy of Challengers Quest for the Best…

The first thing I like about this Cuisipro grater/zester is the soft rubber handle. It’s smooth and comfortable in my hand and allows for a good solid grip. Now, I’m talking safety here folks! The other end also has a grippy rubber surface to make it non-slip during your grating. No need to worry about this thing slipping around and risking injury.

Cuisipro Grater with measuring coverCuisipro’s Fine Rasp Grater has a finely textured grate that produces a medium length zest when you use it for things like citrus zest.  Some other graters/zesters that I’ve used in the past produced pulverized mush which was not what I like. You won’t have a problem with that if you use this product. I’d recommend using it for lemon, orange, and lime zest, and to grate ginger and even garlic.

I used this to make orange zest for my French Toast with Orange Compote.

You can use it for hard cheese like freshly grated parmesan to top off your pasta or salad. It’s also really useful for freshly grated nutmeg or cinnamon. Nothing beats freshly ground spices to up the flavour level of your cooking or baking.  And it works well to top off your favourite things.

Imagine having freshly grated cinnamon on your latte! Or freshly grated nutmeg on your holiday egg nog! Better yet, how about freshly grated chocolate to top off your favourite desserts! Mmmm!

Another feature that I really like is that the entire surface is long, so that you get a lot with each stroke instead of having to grate back and forth a dozen times to get anything.

My favourite feature of this gadget is that it has a plastic see through cover with measurements on it in teaspoons and tablespoons as well as metric measurements. This makes it easy to know right away how much you need to grate or zest to get the exact amount that you need. Another great thing about the plastic cover is that it keeps things contained, resulting in less mess when grating or zesting.

This Cuisipro grater is easy to clean as long as you have the right cleaning tool. I’d recommend a plastic cleaning brush, to make sure you get into all the nooks to clean it properly and to avoid cutting up your dishcloths or your skin when handling it!

At the end of your cooking/baking adventure, the plastic cover also comes in handy when it comes time to store your Cuisipro Fine Rasp Grater. Because the cover can be switched around to the sharp side of this tool, you can safely throw it into your kitchen drawer without worrying that you might get cut by it when reaching for something else. It also won’t accidentally scratch up the inside of your drawer when not in use. This grater should last a long time. It won’t be dulled by other utensils brushing up against it every time you open your kitchen drawer.

Cuisipro FIne Rasp GraterI’m so happy with this gadget discovery!
This honestly has become one of my favourite kitchen gadgets.
The Cuisipro Fine Rasp Grater with Surface Glide Technology does cost a little more than a regular fine grater/zester, but it’s totally worth it, especially with the see through plastic measuring cover… that’s the bonus.

I’d recommend this for anyone who loves to cook or bake, and anyone who loves freshly grated parmesan over their pasta!

And who doesn’t love chocolate sprinkled on top of their desserts?!

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