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My name is Gary Challenger, and I love food! I decided to start this food blog because I want to share my passion for cooking and eating great tasting food. For me, experiencing good food is like seeing a nice sports car and driving it. The experience is invigorating and fun. Imagine tasting food where you can taste everything they put into it, every ingredient, knowing you want more, not because you’re hungry but because it tastes so good, the flavour surrounds your mouth. Discovering and making that kind of food is what Challenger’s Quest is all about.


As a young boy, I liked to eat a lot, always asking for more, not because I was hungry, but because I liked the taste of the food, sometimes even licking the plate. I knew that it wasn’t good manners, but when the flavour was so good, what else could I do? Growing up in a single-parent family, my mother couldn’t always give us everything we wanted. But the one thing my mother always did was to make sure that a good meal was on the table, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a midnight snack. I remember when I was in my teens. My mother would be cooking in the kitchen as she always did, a nice hot meal, full of savoury aromas and flavour, and I’d be watching her. She would ask me, “Do you want to cook?”. And I’d say “Yes”. She would show me without hesitation and tell me that flavour was everything. Then I started making meals that she made, but I wanted to make them taste even better. Don’t get me wrong, my mom was an excellent cook, but I wanted to make it my own, to live up to my namesake to be the “Challenger” that I am. That’s where my quest began.


Challenger’s Quest is to search for what I love which is good food and to try to make it even better. The taste of food means everything to me. I don’t just cook to eat; I cook to create, to make my food the best it can be. An omelet is not just an ordinary omelet. It’s what you put into it that makes it special; that makes it your own. I challenge you to open your pantry, search your shelves, or get out there and explore. Look for things that are different and try it. You’ll be surprised at what you can find out there and create yourself. Don’t be afraid to try something new, you won’t know what you’ve been missing until you do it. Don’t be afraid of change. Get creative.

About Us

My partner in this quest is my wife, Diana. When we first met, the one thing we noticed that we had in common was that we both enjoyed the flavour of good food. Whenever we went out to eat, we would share whatever we had with each other, and make comments about the flavour and try to pick out the ingredients we tasted. Then I’d come home and try to make it. Being from the multicultural city of Toronto, we enjoyed many ethnic cuisines and still continue to search for and create them ourselves. I hope you’ll join us on Challenger’s Quest.

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